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 Instructions prior to hernia surgery

Kindly take the time to read the following instructions before your hernia surgery.

  1. You should stop eating 8 hours for solid food and 6 hours for liquids before your hospital admission appointment.

  2. We recommend eating a light meal the day before your surgery.

  3. Take a bath or shower before you come in for your surgery.

  4. There is no need to shave the surgical site yourself. Our team will take care of that.

  5. If you wear contact lenses, you’ll be asked to remove them before your procedure.

  6. If you are a hypertension patient, it is allowed to take your morning pill with small sips of water. If you have a blood sugar control medication, it is required to stop this medication on the day of surgery.

  7. Stop smoking for at least one week before your surgery.

  8. You can brush your teeth on the day of surgery without swallowing water.

  9. You can prepare a small bag that includes your essentials such as pajamas and toothbrushes.

  10. Please remove nail polish and do not wear any kind of jewelry, rings, or earrings before the operation.

  11. Come early to the hospital and bring a copy of the blood tests performed before the operation; if any, you must go to the admission office and inform the receptionist.

We wish you a smooth operation, a comfortable experience, and rapid recovery after your surgery.

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